Based in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, our company operates in the food sector under the name Tatco Gida. Our mission is to bring together our customers worldwide through our distribution with food pioneer companies in Turkey. Our company has been in the market for about 40 years. We have successful experiences in logistics, distribution and food sales worldwide. We offer our customers the best product with the highest quality.

Our company has all kinds of variety in product options. Our products are available in such varieties as chocolate, nuts, dried legumes, dried fruit, chips, olive oil, spices, pickles, paste and plant extract oil. We carefully involve in the production of our products and check every stage. In addition, we are progressing successfully in the sector with our olive oil production facility. We are happy to bring olive oil, which is the gift of nature, to you with our own quality. We pay our respects to the companies and loyal customers who have worked with us for 40 years.


Our mission is to bring our tastes to the tables in the best way and at the highest level of satisfaction.

Our vision is to meet everyone with Tatco quality and taste.